Take my parking spot?? What goes around comes …


This may be the pettiest thing I have ever done.

So in my city there is a pub that’s attached to a doughnut shop that serves the best doughnuts in the city (which always causes a long line). Because its attached to a pub, it doesn’t close shop until 9PM as there is a solid flow of business rolling in.

Anyway, my girlfriend and I get a serious hankering for some snacks so we decide to head to the doughnut shop and arrive out around 8:30 P:M by car. Now, there are only three parallel parking spots a little up the street from the place, and they are all 15-minute spots which are usually full. We see up the street that, count our lucky stars, a spot is free! My girlfriend pulls a little ahead of the car in front of the spot, turns on her indicator, and begins backing into parking spot when this little white vespa driving behind us whips into the spot. I roll down our window and call out to the driver “Excuse me, we were just backing in”. The driver seems to be a pretty univ student who shrugs her shoulders and calls out to me “sorry, first come first serve!” while her and her friend share a good laugh.

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My worst job ever.


When I was fresh out of high school. My sisters boyfriend offered me a job as a mechanic at a local dealership. The job was an apprenticeship and was at one of the worst dealerships I’ve ever had the displeasure of working at. I could tell you dozens of stories about being an apprentice that would discourage anyone from taking up the position however I feel like my experience can be summed up in 3 examples of mistreatment.

A 4th year apprentice was taking a gearbox out of a small car (probably weighs like 30 KG 60 lbs) he told me to “catch” the gearbox as it came out of the car while he undid the last bolt. I told him I wasn’t comfortably catching a falling heavy sharp unpredictable mass and he told me he would get me sacked if I didn’t do what I was told. A fool could have seen it coming – the gearbox fell – I was unable to “catch” it and and the casing broke on the ground as it landed. The foreman came by and blamed me for the incident. My wages were docked to pay for the gearbox housing. I was later humiliated by another apprentice who filmed the event on his camera phone and showed the rest of the workshop me failing to catch the falling mass of metal.

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Get ‘em everything on their wish list! A…

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Credit card skimmer gets what he bought with m…


This story starts off with a slightly less humorous fact…a few days ago I was on the unfortunate end of credit card fraud. The fraudsters decided to take my CC info and purchase $1000 worth of car parts from Philly and have it sent across the border to the city I currently live in, Vancouver, Canada.

Normally, this is where the story ends. Sometimes they get away with it, sometimes they don’t, but either way my card is replaced and I continue on living my life. This however, is where the fun starts happening.

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